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Tragedy In Surat & South Gujarat

Wapiz Wants Your Help For Surat

  • Severe flooding in Surat, Adajan, Rander, Siganpore
  • Waters rise up 20 feet
  • First time in recent history water level rises upto the plinth level of Surat's Shahenshahi Atash Behram
  • All ground floors submerged in muddy flood waters
  • People flee homes to escape the rapacious force of water
  • No flood, no drinking water, no electricity, no place to stay
  • Hundreds of Parsi families in danger and have been rendered homeless
  • Corpses floating in flood waters
  • Sufficient relief not able to reach affected areas

WAPIZ, with the help of volunteers from Surat Navsari and Bardoli, has already

  • Sent two truckloads (one from Navsari, one from Bardoli) of drinking water and food packets containing biscuits, rice, dal, milk powder, cooking oil, toiletries by boat and trucks, to the most severely affected areas of Surat and its environs.
  • WAPIZ has also distributed 50kgs of rice, 50kgs of dal and 50kgs of wheat to the Boys Orphanage in Surat.
  • WAPIZ has deployed a tempo with 300, 20ltr. Water drums in the Surat region to move around volunteers, water and materials.
  • WAPIZ is giving monetary adhoc relief ranging from Rs.1000/- to Rs.5000/- to the affected families to tide over the crisis till the situation improves. So far 30 families have been so helped.

This relief is just the tip of a gigantic effort required to rehabilitate those, including Parsis and Iranis, affected by this catastrophic calamity.

How You Can Help

  1. YOU can presently help by donating money to finance the relief efforts undertaken by our volunteers. Donations can be made by cash or by cheque drawn in favour of "WAPIZ - Surat Flood Relief A/c". ALL DONATIONS ARE EXEMPT UNDER SECTION 80G OF THE INCOME TAX ACT. Please call us, if it is local, and we will arrange to collect your donation. Official Receipts will be issued for all Donations.
  2. Later, YOU can volunteer to participate in the rehabilitation of those affected. Contact WAPIZ to register as a volunteer.

GOODS NEWS The Goti Adarian Saheb on the banks of the Tapti River is safe. The Goti Adarian is a special place of worship for many Parsis/Iranis.WAPIZ thanks the mobbed saheb of the Goti Adarian and his family for safeguarding the Holy Fire during these difficult times.

Contact WAPIZ at
Framjee Cawasjee Institute,
1st floor, opposite Metro Cinema,
Dhobi Talao,
Mumbai - 400 002.
Email: wapiz@wapiz.com
Phone: (009122)-6520 4177
Cell: (009122) 098202 - 84196.

All Donations made to WAPIZ are exempt under Section 80G
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