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WAPIZ aims to strengthen the voice of Tradition and protect and preserve the
Unique Parsi Irani Zarthoshti identity

  • To preserve the Zarthoshti religion by strengthening its traditions and ensuring that the Parsi Irani Zarthoshti identity continues to survive

  • To strengthen traditions and ensure that for generations to come, our Parsi Irani Zarthoshti identity will continue to survive

  • To work towards economically strengthening the priestly class and promoting religious study

  • To preserve and uphold our Parsi Irani Zarthoshti heritage, by safeguarding our fire temples, dakhmas and other religious institutions

  • To undertake socio-religious, economic and cultural projects, which will foster a commitment to the practice of the religion, as well as promote the growth and intellectual well being of the Parsi Irani Zarthoshti community across the globe

  • To foster learning which will help the community to live and propagate a Parsi Irani way of life

  • To provide cohesion and unity to the traditional Zarthoshtis worldwide To mobilize community opinion on issues pertinent to its survival

  • To work as a centre to encourage the study and practice of our religious customs and traditions


All Donations made to WAPIZ are exempt under Section 80G
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