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The World Alliance of Parsi Irani Zarthoshtis (WAPIZ), is primarily seen as an organization that is at the forefront of promoting the traditional beliefs and practices of our religion.

In India, where our Agiary lands, dakhmas and other community properties, are more and more being eyed by vested interests for commercial exploitation, WAPIZ is seen as the community's "watch dog" organization, protecting the community's religious Institutions.

In the one year since its formation, WAPIZ has embarked on several projects and has been involved in a host of activities.


1) Mobed Schemes : For years, it has been difficult to send out Mobeds to serve our holy fires in small towns and villages. WAPIZ has initiated 2 schemes, which help Mobeds financially and at the same time keep our sacred fires ever burning. A) Mobeds are sent to these distant places for a three/six month tour of duty on a rotational basis, whereby they can spend the remaining months in the city with their families, doing freelance work. ii) Mobeds who have served the holy Fire continuously without a day's respite, because of the difficulty in getting substitute priests, are given help and relief, with WAPIZ's Mobed-support-system.


2) WAPIZ has begun to reconstruct homes of rural farmers in South Gujarat. The first phase, encompassing 4 mud houses is nearing completion. This phase is to be completed before the onset of the monsoon. More such projects will be taken up after the monsoon.


3) WAPIZ has helped a host of community members financially for medical and educational purposes.


4) A leadership program for the youth is under progress, under the stewardship of Dr. Mehroo Bengalee, former Vice Chancellor, Bombay University.


5) WAPIZ has supported various community functions and held Gahambars for the community, at places outside Bombay.


6) With an aim to form an All Parsi National Cricket Team, WAPIZ organized an All-Parsi Cricket Tournament on 13th and 20th May, 2006. Eight teams from different Parsi Baugs participated.


7) Religious Talks and Discussions have been organized under the stewardship of Khojeste Mistree,


8) WAPIZ has highlighted and spoken up about issues of social relevance.


All Parsi Cricket Tournament


On 13th and 20th of May 2006, the Wilson College Gymkhana Grounds were taken over by aspiring Gavaskars and Tendulakars…. only these budding cricketers (8 teams in all) were all Bawas!

Seeing the enthusiasm and talent displayed on the field that day, WAPIZ, the organizers of this All-Parsi Cricket tournament, have decided to take on the task of forming an All-Parsi National Cricket team….howzatt!

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